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Rogers Financial Partners / Arlen Capital is determined to be the preeminent provider of financial advice for high net worth individuals in the Southeast. Our niche is well-defined and we are strategically positioned.

We are determined to be an invaluable resource for our clients by helping them to achieve their stated financial goals and dreams:

Client Profile
Our clients are individuals and couples with a net worth of $5 Million and a minimum liquid investable capital amounting to $1 Million. Ideally, these individuals have the following characteristics:

They are uniquely connected and caring to loved ones and/or philanthropic institutions.
They possess the ability to take action to achieve the goals and dreams they have articulated.
They are impact makers in their communities.
They are profoundly connected to things outside of themselves.
Most of these individuals pursue both financial success and personal fulfillment.
They can appreciate that the currency of life is time, not dollars.
What We Do